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about me


I focus on the most exciting subject: 
P E O P L E !


I run a commercial studio in an artists' village near Karlsruhe. International customers enjoy how I express their concepts in pictures.
Over 1.000 Shootings with more than 400 models.
After years I began exploring nude art and I decided to follow the big names. Black and White nude photgraphy is known as the kings discipline of light art and aesthetics. Currently am fascinated by A. Bitesnich  and Sascha Hüttenhain.

Organizing exhibitions gives me adrenaline. I like to arouse emotions in the audience - it works! A subtle style in black and white is my way to abstraction. People say that when I show nudity, they feel my respect, even in erotic situations.

A perfect model?
She feels comfortable in her body, maybe through dance, yoga etc., loves to express her different moods, is easy to get excited and knows to say 'NO'. I prefer women in their own style and love to communicate almost telepathically with the best. Most of my models are amateurs and have never posed before.
I would like to thank the multitude of models for their trust and creativity. A humorous shoot and individual shots are my best recommendation.

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